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Rambla O´Higgins 4715 y Concepción del Uruguay, Montevideo.


Developed in Montevideo, in the Malvín area. With the frank protection of the auxiliary street that, together with the local palm trees, separates us and unites us with the Rambla O'Higgins. It has an exceptional view of the entire Malvín coast to the south, Punta Gorda to the east and Puerto Del Buceo to the southwest, generating a building with the largest possible glazing, hence its name, Crystal View. As a corollary, an incomparable postcard from the Gaviotas island.



Individual heating per apartment and per room. Centralized security system with response. Tv Closed Circuit System, video cameras on the accesses. LED lighting technology. Communication system between services, porter and also between apartments. 2 state-of-the-art Jacuzzis. Multiple Use Room with equipped barbecue. Solarium.



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