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Founded in 1982, and dedicated to construction since 1988. Studio Zulamina is a construction and real estate developer, member of the Association of Private Promoters of Construction of Uruguay (APPCU), Real Estate Chamber (CIU) and Adipecidem (Punta Del Este). The studio designs, manages, promotes and sells its products, which are mostly apartment buildings and commercial premises. Construction is subcontracted among the best national and international construction companies, who implement the project carefully prepared by our architects, who control it day by day to guarantee a perfect completion of the work. This way, we achieve what we call a “healthy opposition” between our company and the construction company itself. We consider ourselves owners who sell to other owners, who are our end customers. Reaffirming this concept, all the finishing materials, such as ceramics, porcelain tiles, marble and granite, sanitary ware, taps, elevators, woodwork, lighting, etc. They are acquired and chosen directly by our company and provided to the site for placement. Likewise, subcontracts for electrical, sanitary, painting, etc. are chosen for high competence and quality of work, also directly. The company is made up of a professional team of architects, accountants, company administrators, lawyers, notaries and real estate brokers, provided with an ethical criterion that we consider essential for our activity. Its founding Director is Dr.Daniel Zulamian, who together with his wife Teresa, and now the second generation Sebastián, Pablo and Leonardo Zulamián, work together to contribute new ideas, which together with the classic ones give rise to an amalgam that leads ever further to the enterprise.



In 1982 Daniel Zulamian, at the age of 26, graduated from Law School, and decided in addition to practicing the profession of Lawyer, to study Public Notary, and simultaneously the dream of developing in the real estate market began to emerge. In the following years, with his wife Teresa, they ventured into the purchase of various properties. Thus, in 1988 they built several groups of houses and low-rise buildings. And in one of them, planning to build their parents' house, almost inadvertently, they captured one of their first real estate successes. Later, several projects transformed into buildings, mainly in the city of Montevideo, in Malvin and Punta Carretas areas. Some of the most representative in Malvín are the Abril Building, the Concepción I, II and III Buildings, and on the Rambla in 2000, the Panorama Building.

We also begin to venture into the Punta Carretas neighborhood with the Punta Carretas Tower. More recently, Alas del Mar was built on the promenade (Rambla) in the same neighborhood, and also on the Pocitos Avenue, the Puerto Nautilus building. And recently on the Rambla of Malvín the Crystal View Building. In Punta Del Este, large towers such as Casino Tower are developed at the 4th stop of Playa Mansa, and Cruceros I and II, at 35th stop on the same boulevard. Also in the Peninsula, on the ravine of Puerto de Yates, another top-class building was built, Puerto Punta. Today, expressing their love for the city of Punta del Este, most of the new Projects continue to be developed.


The long-term development of the company allows all its components and those that have a commercial relationship with it, to grow in real and concrete terms.

We believe in perseverance; there will always be obstacles, and you need to do your best to overcome them and move on.

The family spirit always present as the beginning and the end of the activity we carry out.

Profitability is a consequence of fulfilling the mission. That our investors in each project, the new owners, the subcontractors and the banks that support us can make an adequate profit.


To be a leader in the high-end residential real estate market. The generation of real estate in locations with privileged location, allowing the personal growth and development of its owners and tenants. This way, we carefully choose the specific areas that will lead to new buildings.


Es una consecuencia del cumplimiento de la misión.

Que nuestros inversores en cada emprendimiento, los nuevos propietarios, las empresas subcontratadas, y los bancos que nos apoyan, puedan obtener un beneficio adecuado.

More than a team, a family.

Dr. Daniel Zulamian

Daniel Zulamián

Teresa Zulamian

Teresa Zulamián

Sebastian Zulamian

Sebastian Zulamián

Pablo Zulamian

Pablo Zulamián

Lic. Leonardo Zulamian

Leonardo Zulamián

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